Monday, October 17, 2005

Me Love You Long Time 

Back when we all worked at Tower Records, Tosborne ordered all of these Japanese porn tapes with horribly translated Engrish on them.

I wrote down the best ones:

Dangerous Sexual Report of Female Teachers: "The blamable female teachers bereft of reason for be addicted to secret pleasure of the flesh."

Confinement Lingerie Queen Pt. 10: "Super AV Idol Resurrection Volume 2: Declaration of well-bred woman in last decadent."

Lovely Sucking Dick Princess: "Do burst your heating dick head for innocent body and Paradise Rip!"

An Assistant Directors be Profuse of Carnal Desire: "Performed by three assistant dentists on active sarvice."

Baby Blue: "Be make the sexual preasure on my private parts."

Super Ruttish Female: "Overflow a lather into private crack. Frankly crack be given to amorous affairs."

Beasts: "Moistly splayed breach temptation body and provoking pupil."

The Seraphic Fascination: "Everyone is gonna think you're some tart, if you walk around in such a short skirt."

Cheergirl: "An appetited promising bud inside wety shorts."

See, pr0n is the international language!

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