Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The (sausage) Ring 


The Sausage Ring is just one of the many highlights from The Company Cookbook which I guess is a cookbook thrown together by a company that does a lot of potlucks (and from the look of most of these recipes, the company actually may be a shredded cheese manufacturer).

I can't even look directly at this one after knowing the following:

1) It's from the breakfast section.
2) It contains two pounds of sausage.
3) And apples.
4) And mustard.


New bro for the AMG Blagroll: David Serra gets on teh blogwaggon with some Dadid-style hilarity.
Episode 4: Buttercup and the Datafarm. Goot Schtuph.


I reminded Dave Below who reminded me about this Spike Jones short called "How They Get There."
It's only like a minute long and takes such a bizarro turn, it's like The Sixth Sense with only two people and none of 'em are Bruce Willis.


Stumbled across a truly spectacular panoramic photo of Paris that is 15,000 pixels wide.
Also 1.8mb but worth it.


Charming Craigslist post about trying to find your lost gaydar.
"I'm so damned good, I knew Mr. Brady was gay before he did, and that's when I was 6 years old."


A rapper named Jelly Doughnut? Who freestyles in a full jelly doughnut and white tights?
I'll believe it when I see it.


Here are photos of a bunch of people wearing "The Clown Sweater"
Like thousands of people.


Sco-Jo and two of her friends squeezed into the Match Point premiere over the weekend.
Please note: Here is a post where they compare here cleveland to an infant's bottom. Must be seen to be believed.

Speaking of boobs, how on the planet is it possible that the topless photos of Jennifer Aniston seen in thumbnail form Here thankyouverymuchGoogleCache have not made it onto teh innarweb yet?
I'm not even that big of a Rachel fan, but ... well, I'll say it: The pervs are really slacking on this one. Sorry, it just needed to be said.


Zombie Claus reports that an undisclosed shopping district in Ann Arbor will be the site of a Zombie protest on December 16th, 2005 (this Friday night).
Could be a larf...


I am stealing this post whole hog from DudeManPhat because the whole thing made me laugh.

What happens in the urinals stays in the urinals...


Except for when it's as freaky as what just happened to me. I was in our office floor's restroom doing my business when some random dude I've never seen before sidles up to the urinal two down from me. About five seconds in, he lets out the most ginormous fart I've ever heard inside a public restroom. Very gross, kinda wet sounding, but with intensity. Truth be told, I hadn't heard something this grotesque coming out of stalls. And this was standing up at a urinal.

So what did I do? I tried my best not to laugh. But the fact that you don't normally hear dudes tearing ass cheeks while they're standing up at the urinal (unless you're at the trough at a football game) made me lose it. And as I did, I looked sideways (breaking the unspoken dude rule of eyes straight ahead) and, I guess, gave him the WTF glance. Scariest thing? He looked like T Bag from "Prison Break." And what did he do? He stopped, zipped up and pointed at me as he was walking away. "Merry Christmas," he said. And he didn't wash his hands on the way out.

I will be 70 telling this story to my grandkids some day. I just know it.


Thanks David
Thanks K
Thanks Exquisite Dead Guy
Thanks Goody
Thanks Lee
Thanks Dustin
Thanks DudeManPhat
Thanks Ryan

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