Wednesday, December 21, 2005

You Can Call Us Aaron Burr From the Way We're Droppin' Hamiltons 

Possibly the best background noise timekiller ever: which has a simple flash interface that allows you to stream the full audio to probably hundreds of movies.

Movie Radio
Caddyshack, Austin Powers, Army of Darkness,
Buckaroo Banzai, O Brother Where Art Thou...
they're all in there.


Here is a teeny tiny video of a guy who is really into pro wrestling.
snif "It's real to me, Dammit!" snif


A Japanese game show where women strap meat to their heads and then thrust their heads into a cage with live lizards.

Also, a Japanese game show where dozens of women try to grab Bob Sapp's Balls.

Also, here is a video game where you are a Japanese schoolgirl who fights other Japanese schoolgirls and the only way to regenerate your life is to take a picture of your opponent's panties.

The Japanese are done. They can now return to planet Japania, leaving all the people of Earth horribly confused and scarred for life.


Looks like Google is finally developing their Google Music Search.
(Psssst...that's AMG data inside)

Speaking of which, this guy put together some Firefox Search Bar plugins for
Load it up, then when you pull down your Google toolbar, it'll be stuck in there at the bottom.


Match Point premieres means more Sco-Jo photos.
Classy & Sexy


This may sound retarded, but I am totally hooked on Peaches2k5's blog:

Dis Guy & Him Glasses

No man dis situation is crazy. We got in trouble 4 callin a guy nerd, can u ppl bleve dat? & also we got blamed 4 mashin & crackin up his glasses which we totally didn't do. But it was really funny, especially when we went knockin at his car window. No but di guy was shoutin & blazing at us 4 no reason, but I think is jus because Kerrianne neva give him none of her chicken. lol


Man am I a sucker for a list of Banned Album Covers.
Man the Scorpions are all over this thing: Includes a passing reference to this album cover which won a previous "Most Offensive Album Covers" contest.


SNL sketch The Chronic-WHAT-Cles of Narnia
Shoutouts to Google Maps and Red Vines.


Really nice photos of the Fisher Body plant.
nice knobs


Thanks Jeremy
Thanks Goody
Thanks Daveman Oh Yeah!
Thanks Katy
Thanks K
Thanks Lee
Thanks David
Thanks Bob
Thanks Exquisite Dead Guy

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