Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The new 'Whazzaaaap' 

If you are white, you loved Lazy Sunday (the SNL skit with the rapping and hilarity). Now here's Lazy Monday.
If it's Monday, shouldn't those kids be in school?


Oh Yeah!


Dave Below revisited the classic Onion article "Affluent White Man Enjoys, Causes The Blues" after looking at Jerry Bruckheimer's iTunes playlist.
"This song takes me to another place." (Sting's 'Desert Rose')


The woman with the beaded sweaters from this Sunday's post has inspired has inspired a band and a MySpace page.
Jeez, those pants...


Impeach Boosh?


How to build a noble space helmet for your cat.


A man and a woman are sitting next to each other at a bar, both getting drunk. The man turns to the woman and asks her why she's so down.

"My husband just left me. He said I'm too kinky in bed," she replied.

"What a coincidence! My wife just left me," said the man. "She told me that I was too kinky for her, too!"

The two talk a little while longer, and finding that they have so much in common they decide to go back to the woman's house to have kinky sex.

When they get to her house she turns to the man and says, "Give me ten minutes, I want to slip into something more comfortable." She goes into the bathroom and changes into a full leather, jet black dominatrix outfit.

However, as she's coming out of her bathroom, the man is putting on his coat and walking out the door.

"What happened?", she said. "I thought you wanted to have kinky sex?"

He looks at her and says, "Well, I just screwed your dog and shit in your purse. I'm done."


If you are a Goth chick who is interested in dating a terrifying man who wears Kabuki makeup and knee-length dresses and drives the occasional forklift, then Cryptie may be just the man you're looking for.
If so, please never contact me.


OMG! Finally!!1!!1!


The Condiment Packet Museum


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