Wednesday, March 08, 2006


All my life, I've been looking for an adjective. An adjective that really sums up how completely awesome something is. I thought "Ninja-Sweet" was it, but now there's something meatier.


Think about it, bro.




Brilliant work Dave's Long Box.
I owe you my life.


I just spoke to someone who was not yet aware of House of Cosbys, the cartoon shorts featuring a guy who cloned a whole bunch of versions of Bill Cosby to hang out with in his house. I recommend that you watch the first one.
P.S. The real-life Bill Cosby is PISSED! PDF of the Cease & Desist order.


Detroit 21-month-old baby what plays the drums...sorta.
with video


Biz Markie doll available in Japan.
Or a joke...either way = funny.


X-Men 3 Trailer.
P.S. As an ultra-dorky kid, The Beast spent a lot of time at the top of my "Coolest X-Man" list, and I'm tickled blue that Kelsey Grammer is playing case you were keeping score at home. Also: Juggernaut is not nearly big enough. Comix vs. movie...just not the same, is it? He should totally have been all CGI.


A thousand great links from BoingBoing:

Luggage tape with the fourth amendment ( The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated) printed on it.

Hi-res images of the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and the Declaration of Independance

People with tattoos of chairs.

SiteShuffle: A way to easily flip through all of the websites you usually flip through.
Note: I have not tried this 'un yet.

The concept of MyWare:
Myware is like spyware, but it lets you spy on yourself.

Why would you spy on yourself? Why would you share the data with Tell us what music you listen to, anytime, all the time, without even realizing it


Napster made all music ever recorded available -- so how do you know what to listen to? Mission: "Harness the knowledge of the crowd." Someone out there knows what you should be listening to; no need to read tedious editorial.

Audioscrobbler installs in media-players like iTunes, etc and reports what you're listening to at any moment and updates your user-profile. Only records stuff you listen to, but not stuff you skip -- just the stuff you pay attention to.

An antique hall of mirrors for cats...why? I dunno.


The Star Wars Holiday Special is finally online via YouTube (for now).
Every single yellow letter in this title is a link to more Holiday Special goodness.


Extreme blog dorks only: ThighsWideShut has his second anniversary recap up, and it is a site to behold.
If you've never gone to the site, it might be a bit much for your brain to take in all at once.


oh, and if that Airwolf adjective doesn't work out for you, you could try:


Thanks Bob
Thanks Jeremy
Thanks San Francisco Steve Hall
Thanks Kelly
Thanks BoingBoing

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