Wednesday, April 26, 2006

For me, there's a subtle perfection in everything I do 

I just watched Caddyshack again for about the three hundredth time and I realized something: There's a lot of stuff in that movie that isn't really all that funny.

The gopher stuff is kind of sub-Warner Bros.-era slapstick, the Baby Ruth candy bar in the pool, the dunderheaded nephew, the pregnancy scare with the girl with the atrocious Scottish(?) accent, most of the scenes with Danny the "hero" of the story, the bizarro Esther Williams-style water ballet, the infighting between the Caddies...all of that really doesn't do it for me.

The interactions between Rodney Dangerfield and Ted Knight are comic gold, and any time Bill Murray has to talk to anybody besides a sock puppet are super entertaining, but for me Chevy Chase's zen neurotic wiseass is the real gem of the picture. He glides through each scene murmuring to himself and making asides in an almost Marxian (Groucho, not Karl) fashion. His demeanor is so lo-fi that he almost acts as though he'd rather not be seen...mixing drinks, riding in the car, trying to play through...his lost and damaged rich kid-turned-manchild is a little bit unsettling, but I can't keep my eyes off of the screen whenever he's on.

Best scene in the movie in my opinion:

Chevy Chase plays Ty Webb (but who are we kidding, in every movie he's just playing Chevy Chase) and Cindy Morgan plays Lacy Underall (a ribald pun) who is sort of a smarter version of Paris Hilton. In this scene, Lacey has turned up unannounced at Chevy's hip 1980 bachelor pad:


Chevy: Well, hello! Surprise, surprise!
Lacey: Are you busy?
Chevy: No, come on in.
Chevy sweeps his arms out and puts his hand through an Asian paper screen
Chevy: Go ahead. It's nothing.
Lacey: I tried calling, but there is no listing for "Mr. Wonderful."
Chevy: What spelling did you use?


Chevy: Sorry about this mess. Let me just clean up here. I'm getting ready for the season.
picks up a water ski and a compound bow with arrows
Lacey: Duck?
Chevy: No, no. Dolphin. Would you like a drink? Tuna Colada, perhaps?
Lacey: Anything. Who's your decorator, Benihana?
Chevy: No, I brought most of that stuff back from Vietnam. limping
Lacey: You were in the war?
Chevy: Homo. Much better now, though. sound clip


Lacey: Here's an uncashed check for $70,000.
Chevy: Keep it.
Lacey: There's a bunch of them ! And a summons.
Chevy: It's yours.
this whole time, he's collecting the remnants of Perrier from different bottles around his living room, pouring them into one bottle and loosely affixing the bottle cap back on. He demonstrates the very fake "opening" of this "new" bottle
Lacey: Pretty pathetic, Ty.
Chevy: Pathetic? Maybe for you, Lacey. For me, there's a subtle perfection in everything I do. I've got my own standards, my own way.
Lacey: My uncle says you've got a screw loose.
Chevy: Your uncle molests collies. And you're rather...attractive for...a beautiful girl with a great body. sound clip


at the Fender Rhodes piano doing tequila shots
Lacey: Sing me a love song.
Chevy: I'm going to.
Lacey: This stuff is terrible.
Chevy: It's good. You don't know how to do it.
Lacey: How do I do it?
Chevy: I'm going to show you.
Chevy snorts salt off of his wrist, bites the lemon, then tosses the shot over his shoulder onto the floor

Born to love you

Chevy's love song:
"l was born to love you."
"l was born to lick your face."
"l was born to rub you..."
"...but you were born to rub me first."
sound clip
Chevy: Let's go onto the...patio room.

Chevy is giving Lacey a massage
Chevy: You know what this is called in the East? It's the "big rub."

he pinches her shoulderblades, looking confused
Chevy: You have very...very small breasts. Juusst kidding. sound clip
Chevy: I'll work my way down. This is the lsle of Wight.
Lacey: Careful.
Chevy: I'm going to move right down the Ticonic Parkway...over to your clavula...
Lacey: Will you get serious?
Chevy: That's a very "in" thing to say.
Lacey: Ow! That hurts!
Chevy: You're blocking! Just hold on to your choppers. I'll just get a little more oil.


oil goes everywhere
Chevy: Now I've done it. You get that way from...Oh, I'm sorry. It's like reaching under the rug.

Lacey: You're crazy!
Chevy: That's what they said about Son of Sam. You know something else? I'm a very qualified acupuncturist. sound clip
he picks up a cocktail toothpick with olives stuck onto it
Lacey: Don't even think about it!
Chevy: I'm just going to eat these. I want you to know about it. It's like acupressure but it's acupuncture. The slightest prick and you wouldn't even know--
Lacey: I'll kill you!
Chevy: No, I did not do that.
Chevy: You feel looser? I feel like 100 dollars.
Lacey: Will you forget the massage...and just kiss me, you fool.

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