Thursday, June 22, 2006

"Half Man, Haf Dog...Mog!" - Barf from Spaceballs 

New social networking music site: MOG.


Basically you download a little piece of software that displays a list of your digital music collection, and then gives you a little page to blog on, meet other "Moggers" and brag about "your bad-ass self" (as the kids are saying nowadays.

I set up a page Here if you wanna see what it looks like.

Another article Here

Things that are interesting:

1. Skinnable with decent designs (Coop, Frank Kozik,)
2. Last.FM-style real-time playcounts
3. You can drag the data elements around on the page, so if I want my "First Concert" info at the top of the page, I can just drag it up there.
4. you can choose from multiple photos as your display photo.
5. Easy blogging setup.
6. It is totally geared toward hooking up. You can look for people with your similar tastes in your zip code by age, relationship status and sexual orientation.

Things that are a drag:

1. The process takes a million years...I've had it looking at my collection for two hours and it's on file 245 out of 2471.
2. The login is super buggy and has crashed the application several times.
3. People are bitching about the lousy data and recognition: here and here. (note: You may need to be logged in to look in the forum...I dunno.)
4. There's no real radio or listening function.
5. The ads for American Apparel make me feel dirty.
6. The artist info is going to get unwieldy really quickly: There's a short bio (thank you Muze) and then a Wiki/blog style place where anybody can argue over who is the cutest one in Death Cab for Cutie...that kind of discussion may increase page views (and advertising CPM) but it makes it a little hard to follow.

Bottom line:

It holds more interest for me than MySpace does...but all of my friends are on MySpace. Whomever becomes the "MySpace Killer" (and I don't mean like the Zodiac Killer) is going to have to offer something pretty sweet to lure all of those 80 million people away. The long-awaited "iPod Killer" MP3 player is a little different, since it doesn't depend on the kind of interconnectivity that social networking sites do.

It's almost like VHS and Beta -- it doesn't really matter which one has the best technology or interface, it only really matters which one the majority of people are using. As more and more people go for VHS/MySpace (for videos, it was due to the quantity of titles available, for MySpace it has to do with the number of people you already know who are signed up), breaking into that market can be difficult.

The person who really wins the race is the person who comes out with The DVD -- Different format, better quality, more durable, lighter, better features...that's what it takes to cause a dramatic shift in an area that already has a strong user base. I don't think anyone should waste time trying to become the next MySpace or the next Digg or the next Google...those are already there and are already serving a purpose. People should be looking for the thing that doesn't exist yet.


Three of the guys from Slobberbone are now The Drams. There's a cute little game where you solve this puzzle and you get a free MP3.
Country-tinged loud & drunky guitar pop with three part harmonies? That's a great idea!


A hilarious series of photos of dogs in costume titled "Why Dogs Attack People."
The little black pug in the spider costume kinda creeps me out.


I was interviewed about the current state of music recommendation technologies by a cool guy at Net, Blogs and Rock & Roll for a book he is writing.
Recently his focus has been on what he calls "intelligent playlisting"


This woman knitted a Ferrari.
Took 10 months and 12 miles of yarn.


Anne Hathaway: Melon Vendor

Princess Dairies


Thanks Steve
Thanks Brian
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