Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The roots and offshoots of Universal Evil 

The most funnest thing evar:

Goggles is a flight simulator crossed with Google Maps. You get to pilot this little plane up and down through the Google Maps of L.A., or Paris, or San Francisco....buncha places.
Sounds kinda dorky, but when you get bored you can totally crash the plane.


A guy in Russia stumbled across a copy of Harry Proglotter and the Magic Shawarmatrix:

fat Harry

Woe, as it happens, crept up unnoticed. Harry Proglotter, a student in the magic school Hobotast, carelessly ate a Magic Shawarma, which contains the roots and offshoots of Universal Evil. And this Evil is growing inside the young wizard, threatening universal catastrophe. Harry must set out on a risky, distant expedition for the healing antidote. He is helped by his friends James Barahlow and Molly Kozazel, and also by master Yoda, who in those days wasn't yet a Jedi teacher.

More here(?)


Anybody into RockStar: Supernova whatever the fuck Izzy Stradlin is doing now should revisit the Sweet Child O' Mine video.
Man, Gilby Clarke Izzy Stradlin looks like a little kid guitar player...


This teaser for the Transformers movie is pretty well done.
The Mars stuff is what is cool.




Thanks David
Thanks Dan
Thanks Derek
Thanks San Francisco Steve Hall

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