Thursday, September 14, 2006

Standing in the shower thinking... 

This had alrady been brought up to me on a more localized scale, but would it be possible to set up Gmail accounts as peer-to-peer file sharing devices? Going to jail aside, how feasible would that be?

Somebody sets up a series of Gmail accounts with a standardized name, like or, with the password being the same thing as the band's name, then you would log into that account and e-mail yourself MP3s of that artist, maybe with a standardized subject line: RollingStones_StupidGirl. Google would (unwittingly) host the MP3 for you, and you could search through different accounts just by guessing at the login name.


"Hmmm...I wonder if the new Dylan record is on Gmail yet..." Log in as (password: BobDylan) and you'd get access to a Gmail account with any and all Dylan MP3s out there.

How quickly would Google find out about this? Probably before it got big enough to use on a wide scale...Needing to have a standardized login prefix would enable them to track down these accounts in a snap.

Anyhoo, that's what rolls through my brain on minimal sleep.

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