Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Am I the Only Person on the Planet Who Finds The Killers to be Completely Unlistenable? 

I Can't See Shit!

Public Service Announcement:

For a while I was having problems with my e-mail using Outlook...every time someone would send me an image embedded in a message or if I tried to paste an image into a message I wanted to send, it would just show up as a Red X. A clever Finn showed me the secret: It turns out that my cache of outlook bitmap files was full.

Do this:

* Open an attachment in Outlook (Word, excel, image, anything)

* Try to "Save As"

* Once that window opens, right-click on one of the items that appears in your Temp folder.

* Go to "Properties" and capture the line that says "Location:"
It'll look something like this:
C:\Documents and Settings\WHATEVER_USER_NAME\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLK3D

* Paste that line into a Windows Explorer address bar.

* Delete any bitmap files that are called Outlook1.bmp through Outlook99.bmp

Your e-mail images will start showing up again.

I am here to help.


Men.Style.Com asks: Guitar Face or O Face?
Some guitarists, some porn stars, and Courtney Love who hovers dangerously close to the middle ground.


My buddy Jeez over at WhatWouldJesusBlog did a great taste test of all of the Jones' Thanksgiving Sodas with entertaining commentary.
Turkey & Gravy soda, Cranberry soda, Dinner Roll soda, Pea soda. They all undergo Jesus' harsh scrutiny.

I like it when Jesus G-Mails me because it always says this at the bottom:


It's like its a little reminder to be humble.


Totally weird phallic Dora the Explorer toy.
An "Aquapet"? It even sounds a dirty superhero.


Wow! is finally here to fulfill all of my racist dating needs!

Charming SWM WhiteNationalistSkin has this to say:
I'm a dream Man for ONE special Racially Aware White Woman. I have NO interest at all in mullato "women", the only Women I'm interested in have all White ancestries and have NEVER dated or even thought about dating any other race (especially the lower mud races).

And you're a highway worker? Helloooo Prince Charming!


Another bright bulb, this guy jumps onto a fast moving treadmill.
The real treat is him doing all of the testing beforehand to see how fast the treadmill is going...really gauging the speed before setting foot on it. WHAMMO does he hit the ground.


Some great shots of Sco-Jo at a time where they are pretty scarce.
Happy Birthday Scarlett! LOL!!1!!




Thanks Exquisite Dead Guy
Thanks Kelly
Thanks Dan
Thanks PJ
Thank You Jesus

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