Friday, February 16, 2007

Lucky Golden Cauldron... 

Stolen wholesale from the new improved, because I couldn't have said it better myself:

I can’t help but think that if Jack Kerouac were still alive, he would’ve IMMEDIATELY taken the red pen to his legendary phrase (”Boys and girls in America, they have such a sad time together”) after watching The Hold Steady’s performance on Letterman last night. Because whether or not you actually enjoy their songs, there’s simply no denying that there’s any other rock band bringing a higher level of joy and ebuillience to their live performances. Sad time together? More like RAD time together.

which gets me thinking … why don’t more bands smile on stage? Don’t get me wrong, disaffection and despair have inspired their fair share of awesome tracks, but there’s just something that’s so rousing and fresh about a watching a bunch of dudes in their middle 30s flat out WAIL on stage and have a good time doing so. I can see why a lot of people don’t get Craig Finn’s vocal stylings on wax, but after watching this guy live, I CANNOT see how anyone can fail to be inspired by his passionate delivery. Super Best!


Trailer for the movie Fanboys, about four guys in 1998 who travel cross-country to try and steal a print of Star Wars Episode I.
Imagine their disappointment.


Things this trailer for the Grindhouse movie Detective Frankenstein has going for it:

Things I can't get behind:


My buddy Jason has started a new blog called The Asshole Report where folks like you and me can e-mail in and submit tales of assholes that you meet in everyday life. I submitted a pair of assholes myself.
Point out your own asshole by e-mailing You'll feel a sense of relief when you share your asshole with the rest of the world, I know I did.


Very cute photo of Sco-Jo accepting the Harvard Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year pot or cauldron or whatever it is.
You gotta admit, those Harvard guys ain't stupid. Sure, this award usually goes to someone who has made accomplishments in the field of comedy, and Scarlett has only really done that one Woody Allen movie whose name I can't remember because everybody said it wasn't good, but hey, if you're a 19-year-old with a boner for Scarlett Johannson and you have the unbridled power of a bunch of nerds who think they're funny, you might as well invite her to your "theater" for an award.


Worth watching if you ever have to deal with the technologically challenged:


Thanks Jason
Thanks David
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