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Towleroad Cocktail TVgasm Squad 

A spectacular Flickr collection of velvet paintings.



This man is the Governor of California.


From: so seems []
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Oh, I get it.

My, but the Wikipedia Mythbusters page has some good information. This led me to other Mythbusting pages including this page with all of the results of Mythbusters episodes and a very thorough Kari Byron fansite.

My personal fave being this photo of her wearing a Porchsleeper t-shirt.


Dearly departed AMG-er Mackenzie Wilson posts a review of the Great Lakes Myth Society show at SXSW on
93% Awesome!


Packages of old Underoos.
I dunno if this site is selling 'em, or just acting as some kind of creepy Childrens Underwear museum, but there they are.


Two Words: Sco-Jo Side Boob
No, I don't really know what's going on in this video, but I've still watched it about 30 times.

Also: Esquire photo shoot outtakes.


Evil Ronald


Thanks David
Thanks Steve
Thanks Exquisite Dead Guy
Thanks Lee
Thanks Neatorama

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