Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I am girlie. 

Awesome spam:

from: Jorge Orr
to: geoewald
subject: technology is

look "in the wild".

Hire! How are you? Email me at only. I am girlie. I will reply with my pics

they must be render you any further services.


If I was smarter, I would've thought of BaconSalt



Apparently Craigslist has a "Best Of" list where (somehow) the best postings are corralled into one place.

A winner:

Vintage 1985 Vag

Date: 2007-06-24, 11:17PM EDT

Manufactured by New Haven Vagina, Inc.

Highly dependable, well-maintained. Currently attached to easygoing, non-removable woman, long blonde hair, blue eyes, 5’6’’. All appendages present and in good, working condition (some superficial dings due to skiing accident). The Vag itself is free of cosmetic blemishes, in original color: classic nude. Also includes original stereo system, although sometimes volume will increase when shifting into higher gears.

Currently seeking male driver for ideal manual operation who is also well versed in safety precautions, and who would prefer to lease – no rentals please. Prospective drivers should submit a request with photo included and attributes that they believe would contribute to their Vag operating abilities. Upon request, photographs can be supplied with or without the Vag. Photos of the ’85 Vag itself will be made at the owner’s discretion. Best offer.


Some pretty clever Simpsons cross-marketing featuring Montgomery Burns as the head of Jet Blue.

Dear David Neeleman,

Did you get an eyeful of the devilishly handsome man in 12C? Well, hold on to your knickerbockers: It was I, your old friend Burnsy, inspecting your airline under the guise of a mustachioed mess-about.

Initially, I thought my ruse a bust, as I was provided with a seat made of leather (the favored upholstery of sheiks) and enough legroom to stow a middle-aged man betwixt my pantaloons (Smithers said the flight was delightful). But nay, every catchpenny passenger had as much legroom as me, as if every man is worthy of high society's spoils. What if one of the peasants were to touch me? We'd have to make an emergency landing at my detoxification station.

Your company is nothing but a lavish human herding outfit. Do those greedy customers really need room to wiggle their toes? My foot's been asleep for sixteen years and I haven't complained once.

C. Montgomery Burns


A pretty comprehensive 100 Worst Album Covers of All Time list with commentary.

Vanilla Ice
Cool As Ice [Soundtrack] (1991)
Rule of Rock #23: Your pants should not be louder than your music...
or the sound of your career crashing into a brick wall.


Thanks DJC
Thanks Dan
Thanks David

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