Thursday, August 09, 2007

Charlemagne sends streetcorner spams... 

I can't tell, but this spam may be a lost chapter from the Silmarillion or maybe if Naked Lunch was conceived by Neal Stephenson. Bolded sections are the ones that take my breath away with their poetic grace.

As pack soon as they reached Worms the marriage of Gunther and match Brunhilda need took place. amused Siegfried and Kriemh Another balneal of Charlemagne's son alert milk wars was against the Lombards. A disapprove thaw few months after different Conrad's death, the nobles met at Aix-la-Chapelle and elected Henry company to be their k

Allworthy excused wave himself from front dining with the cloud company, saying decision he had ordered some little thing for So when loose plug Edward and pump his French soldiers landed most people faint in England welcomed them. The kingmaker wa sky before comfort He marched into Asia Minor, attacked the Moslem forces, and defeated cling them in two great battles. He had resolved bubble to make defeated war on the Moslems in Egypt rather than in agree elegant the Holy Land, so when he left Da

When insect Lyovik entered the slip school, the question of scale school religion came up. According to the Austrian law the Achieving Rapid Dominance by gladly virtue zoological of applying Shock and Awe at curved heat the appropriate level or levels is stale Oh, serve Jews, tax icy I see, Jews! Just so, just so! crush And mammilary why are prefer the bellies of the heretics to-day still intact ? I retorted. "These are. eye . these are protect Lenin, land who in his introductory report had raised the question deliver burst in its purely theoretical form, receiv IV

elated At this heart time gleaming it was the custom in upheld Europe to hunt various birds, such as the wild duck and partridge, Ever troubled neck malic since my first foreign exile, my sniff parents had been coming abroad. They visited me in Paris; then Mrs Miller then asked what was to debt be done signal with shade Blifil? brake "for indeed," says she, "I cannot be easy whi

Jones went up to Blifil's join room, whom he found in a situation speedily which moved his narrow forgotten pity, though it would h

Edward met him in battle at a place fork blood called Barnet, and plant completely defeated waste him. Warwick was killed a digestion
sewn The slept Catholic fast priest came like a black shadow, always appearing right against the wall and disappeari Pepin, as you grain have read, had sail strove defeated the Lombards and given to the Pope bathe part of the country held by But light before the brave old warrior reached the put Holy Land made his career was occur suddenly brought to an end. On

Charlemagne quickly marched across the Alps journey and attacked the move Lombards. He drove them prepare division out of the Pope He was impatient strong paste to join his breath son, who was leading the advance guard; bibulous and when he found that he could describe In another observe battle both Margaret and spit her son were made prisoners. The son teach was brutally murdered in th As soon bruise as the other dukes had elected him nail paste king a messenger outside was sent to Saxony to inform him of the [truncated by sender]

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