Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Plastic Soul, man...Plastic Soul" 

Y'know what needs to happen? EMI needs to remaster the Beatles catalog and this is how they should do it. Not with goofy boxed sets with chintzy packaging and odd Mono Version/Stereo Version combinations...those things suck if you really look at 'em.

What needs to happen is a full remaster from the original tapes in the running order of the old LPs. Each release would be feature cover art by a contemporary artist, interpreting the album visually, with the original LP artwork as the opposite page of the booklet, so die-hards could choose to turn the booklet around and display the original art if they so desired.

With the Beatles

Banksy, Peter Max, Chip Kidd, Gilbert & George, Brandon Bird, Dave McKean...modern interpretations of these great albums. Maybe all by British artists, I don't really care.

The White Album

The second disc for each album would be all outtakes, interviews, live cuts, B-sides and demos from that era. From listening obsessively to the Anthology discs and in digging around on my own, there is so much awesome stuff out there you could totally fill discs with quality Beatles material.

Let It Be

It is a travesty that some of the best, most influential pop music of the 20th century is only available on the original CD pressings that came out in 1990 1987. Listening to them now, the recordings sound flat and dull. The Capitol Reissues sound good (not great), but the packaging is abysmal and I can't even bear to pull the things off of the shelf.

This catalog is a gold mine and I can't imagine why EMI hasn't put some effort into this project.


Thanks in advance EMI

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