Thursday, October 04, 2007

e) all of the above 

This guy has done a bunch of cartoony drawings of rockers which are fun and cute.
Guns N' Roses
Some are easy to identify.
The Zutons?
Some are a little more difficult
Especially when some of 'em are The Zutons (whoever they are)



A really amazing video on how this company? Guy? Team? has figured out how to do dynamic resizing of images.

It sounds really boring but the the technology is actually really cool.

Marching band does Radiohead:

Darth Vader's got the blues.


Totally crazy footage of people in the stands a Korean soccer game totally doing awesome things. Kinda like The Wave but better.

Awesome #1

Awesome #2 (closer up)




Sad Vader
Sad Vader


Thanks Chris
Thanks Steve
Thanks BoingBoing
Thanks Goody

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