Thursday, April 03, 2008

This Book Deserves a Poo-litzer Prize 

This duder took pictures of graffiti in the bathroom stalls of Michigan Universities and made hizself a book:

"Now, inspiration struck me one day, long, long ago. I was in the Library at Oakland University, studying. I soon realized that I should swing by the office because I had to make a conference call. The bathroom of choice is on the basement floor. So I go down there, and I am doing my business, and I am reading the graffiti on the walls It says, "Rick Moranis has enormous horse balls."

What compels a human to write such an outrageous claim? What a statement. I was in shock, I was baffled, I was confused. It was beautiful. It was poetic. It was the most astonishingly brilliant piece of literature that I had ever read I almost teared up. And at that very moment, I was struck with inspiration. This dark side of the human brain needs to be exposed. There needs to be light shed."

You too?
read the fine print


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