Monday, April 07, 2008

"Wow, this looks even dumber than air guitar." 

Yow. So there's this product called Beamz and apparently it is a laserbeam-triggered "musical" "instrument" and it has a brutally horribllarious infomercial:

Comments from Gizmodo:

Good thing they showed us a guy with tousled hair, sunglasses and bluejeans so we know he's rockin'.

Every single maneuver seems onanistic.

this thing makes everyone look like a cat playing with a ball of yarn or the dorkiest traffic cop there is.

The bald, fat guy listening to his quiet reverie looks like he's about to burst into tears, pawing at nothingness on his $600 scam machine in a dark room in a vain attempt to fill his empty, empty soul.

it was so bad, I threw up in someone else's mouth.

I think you're all missing the point. This clearly isn't a musical device, it's a contraceptive! No one using this will EVER get laid, so it's clearly a total success!

This reminded me of the guy who gave the awesome keyboard drum solo demonstration:

"This is Lock and Loll"

and of course, McRorie.


Thanks Goody

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