Tuesday, June 10, 2008

rockin BROners 

Some terrific photos of people I'm glad I wasn't touching
at this Black Lips show posted on BrooklynVegan.com


The comments are what make for the comedy gold:

Who wasn't a douche at that show?

if you look closely you can see a chick in one of those pictures

dude, Todd shaved his moustaches?!

WAZZUP DOG -- Fuckin GNARL show -- got so wasted, barfed in a chick's ear and then made her drink it -- peed in my own eye -- went home and played fuckin WII tennis with myself (w/ only one giid eye) -- fell down in some spaghetti -- bled everywhere and ate it -- so punk rock dog -- let's hang out tomorrow and make out.

these pictures are the best visual representation of body odor i have ever seen.

and finally:

Photo #1 caption --


"Here I am, Soarin with my Bros, a turd in my pants, Riding a Killer Wave of Rockin Boners ..."


Thanks Steve

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