Monday, June 09, 2008

You Oughtta Be in Pictures 

Do you like art? Or movies? Or arthouse movies? Or movies about art movies? My sister has an offer for you!

Call for Entries
Ever wanted to be in a movie?
Well now your ART can be!


Why? What? Huh?
'Art House' is a fictional move set in Ann Arbor about a local house that has been rent free for artists so as to better their artistic lives. Written by Ann Arborites, directed by Ann Arborites, produced by Ann Arborites, and soon-to-be-filmed by Ann Arborites, 'Art House' is the best way to get your name out into the local community,

Email images of your finest work, or not-so-finest to Emily Milton at: emilyemilton at gmail dot com

More information at

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