Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Let's Make a Deal 

Some bros might be interested in subscribing to the RSS feed for the Amazon Daily MP3 Deal.

These are usually whole albums for .99 cents or $1.99. I use it to fill in some holes in my collection, kinda like a used record store.

Recent deals of note:

Steely Dan's "Aja" for 99 cents.
Jenny Lewis’ "Rabbit Fur Coat" for $2.99
Prince’s "1999" for $1.99
The Hold Steady’s "Stay Positive" for $1.99
Coldplay’s "Brothers and Sisters" for 99 cents
The Police’s "Synchronicity" for $1.99

The RSS feed link is here:
Daily Deal RSS

There is also this page which gathers up a couple hundred free MP3s that you can just have. For free. Some gems in there, but you have to hunt.

There is also a Amazon MP3 Daily Deal Facebook Page which is completely worthless without an app or widget to display today's deal, but whatever. You can be friends with it if you'd like. I'm not gonna stop you.

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