Monday, June 22, 2009

Seriously dudes, music is over. 

This is the greatest worst thing ever.
Please watch the entire thinig if your internal system will allow it.

I spent the whole time trying to figure out if it is all the same Eddie Murphy in those fat/farty movies.

Also: Autotune
Euro/fruity club/dance
cookie monster vocals
classical etude thrown in
Jacob's Ladder movie effect
keyboard guy rocking out in the sun on his keyboards

YouTube comment: "I won expert mode."

And then there are all these comments about "Crabcore" which led me to this:

Crabcore is a contemporary offshoot from the emocore/screamo sub-genre of hard rock music.

Unlike almost all other genres and sub-genres of music, crabcore is defined not by aural motifs, tones, lyrical content, or specific instrument ensembles; but rather by physical gesticulations and contortions of the arms and legs of individual band members during live performances of their music. Sometimes, gesticulations are synchronized between two or more band members. This has the effect of exponentially multiplying the level of audience bewilderment.

Other moves available to crabcore players include:

* The "Richardson Richardson"
* "Krinking"
* The "Beaver Bounce"
* The "Krunkle Kick"
* The "Shrimp & White Wine"
* The "Dirty Hamper"
* The "Pestal Press"

Which led to this textbook example of Crabcore:


it all comes full circle


Thanks Steve

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