Thursday, March 11, 2010

Angry Rooster Confronts Nickelback 

I may not have posted this before but this video of a rooster being mad at Nickelback makes me laugh until my eyes make tears of laughing hilarity.
That rooster fucking hates Nickelback.

Terrific Song:


This showed up on Craigslist recently:

Mar 1, 2010 ... Porch Sleeper - m4w - 26 (Cuyahoga Falls) ... Your neighbor ordered pizza Thursday but I saw you were asleep on your enclosed porch when I got there. I got off an hour after that and went back. you were still asleep. I squatted down and watched you for an hour and a half, your dog came out and barked at me and made me run away when he woke you up.

If you felt the connection too what color was my hoodie? If you cant remember sleep on your porch tonight, I come by every night to check.



All staples


Some old India Green jamz
From back in the day.


Have you been to
You will be welcomed, and you can do anything.


New Band of Horses album cover.


I hope the album is half this good.


Did you hear about BeaArthurMountainsPizza?
They totally ripped off SelleckWaterfallSandwich


88 mph


Thanks David
Thanks Steve
Thanks Justin
Thanks Kelly

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