Friday, March 26, 2010

In 1978 girls panties with “Edward” written on them in marker meant something very different. 

There is this terrific site called The Selvedge Yard whose job it is to find awesome old photos and show them to you.

This is a shot from Biker Week in Daytona in the Mid-'70s and may need to be a Porchsleeper single at some point:
Number 1
Big ups to Flickr user Futternut

cherry bomb
(nice shirt there Dakota)


Some Old Floyd shows popped up on this thread.
Point me at the Sky and let me fly.


This twerpy hearththrob duplicated himself and sings a medley of TV shows with some nice harmonies:


A really fun Van Halen story and photos from a guy who hung with them in 1978 when he was 15.
"I was so excited. Edward Van Halen was my world. He was just a kid, 22 maybe. I was 15 but I felt like I was 12. He scratched an autograph in the back of the bit, put some teeth mark in it, and then I asked, ‘How do you play the intro to “I’m The One”?’ He played in on the V. Mike and I were fucking amazed. I asked him, “Am I doing this right?” And I played the solo to “On Fire”. He told me to hold on, opened up his Haleburton metal suitcase. We noticed he had girls panties with “Edward” written on them in marker & pulled out a Danelectro neck & guitar body & a screwdriver. He put the guitar together then and there & strung it up."


Hey everybody!


Thanks Goody
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