Friday, April 30, 2010

Fart Blanket 

This is a real thing that is real:


Some new jams:

Band is "Freelance Whales" and the album is 'Weathervanes'

Do not listen if you don't like Fleet Foxes making out with The Postal Service in a used instruments pawnshop/defunct Radio Shack while the Beach Boys' "Wild Honey" LP plays on a turntable in the background.

Also: Band is "Free Energy" and album is 'Stuck on Nothing'

Sounds like Fountains of Wayne borrowed John Oates' mustache and then re-recorded Boston's first album.

Bonus: super-cute video with the aforementioned awesome mustache


This drunk guy is trying REALLY hard to get his flip-flop on.

(in this case “getting his flip-flop on” has nothing to do with sex or dancing,
he really just can’t get his sandal on his foot.)


What's that? Christina Hendricks is the Sexiest Woman alive?
Some of us knew this years ago when she fake married Captain Tightpants.


ICP now hawking Glade Plug-ins:

"Its all around you and you don't even know it."


New Hold Steady album is streaming at NPR.
Didn't grab me at first but I was also sober and at work. I'll try it again under proper laboratory conditions.


Thanks Brian
Thanks Jamnes

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