Tuesday, February 01, 2011

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This is Dolph Lundgren performing "A Little Less Conversation" in concert.

I think the phrase "And then you wouldn't believe what he did next" gets thrown around a lot.

There must be a word in Swedish that means that, but they only use it once per decade.


There is some strange new programming coming out of TLC (The "Learning" Channel) these days:


Also, it should be noted that I am very much enjoying the new Decemberists album.
Much more rootsy and Americana-y (Thanks Peter Buck and Gillian Welch).
They're making songs with more focus on the song and less focus on their Thesaurus or old scrimshaw carvings.
This will get some airplay from me on hot, still days this summer.


Bill Ward from Black Sabbath and Tracy Morgan as long-lost twin brothers?


Anybody else seeing this connection? Is this thing on?


I looked into the trap, Ray Ackbar.


Also a big fan of BluntCard.com


When you care enough to post a snarky card to someone's Facebook wall.


That's not a moon...
That's not a moon
...it's a delightful and whimsical summer snack!


Thanks Bob
Thanks Keith
Thanks David

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