Friday, February 04, 2011

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I've been thinking a bit about my favorite music moments in movies. There are the ones where the film uses a terrific well-known tune to perfect effect, and others where you don't really know the song, but its placement in the film shoehorns the tune into your life somehow.


Nico's "These Days" in The Royal Tenenbaums

Pretty much anything Wes Anderson does with music I am a fan of, but this in particular really struck me.
There is an eternity of a pause when Margot steps off of the bus before the music starts,
and then the line of ship captains walking in unison behind Richie...just terrific.


The Who's "A Quick One While He's Away" in Rushmore

The brash Clang Clang of the initial guitars, the chanted "Cello Cello Cello Cello" (since the band couldn't find/afford actual cellos for that part),
the refrain of "You are forgiven" as these two characters do the horrible things to each other.


The Troggs doing "A Girl Like You" in Flirting

Such a great blast of a song, as these romance-starved teenaged kids are staring across the room at each other.


Harry Nilson doing "Everybody's Talkin'" in Midnight Cowboy

Apparently John Barry tasked Bob Dylan to write a song for this movie and they were just using "Everybody's Talkin'"
as the temp track during filming and editing. Dylan evenually wrote "Lay Lady Lay" for the movie's opening titles
but this one fit so much better they kept it. I'm glad they did.


"Barking at the Moon" by Jenny Lewis from "Bolt"

From a super cute and underrated kid's movie, this tune accompanies a great cross-country travel scene.
When I heard it I instantly recognized the voice but couldn't place it until later.


The Chords doing "Sh-Boom" from Cars

One of my long-time fave Doo-Wop songs gets the Pixar treatment in Cars. Just perfect (as all Pixar movies are).
I love to look at the reflections of the neon as the cars roll past.


Main Titles Music from the Motion Picture "Blade Runner" by Vangelis
Also here

The weird heavy industrial stomp of the percussion, the twinkling Asian-influenced strings...this is one weird and beautiful movie score.
I think I may like this sequence just because it indicates to me that I will be watching Blade Runner for the next 2 hours.


"The End" by The Doors in Apocalypse Now

A bit clichéd perhaps...I watched the shit out of this movie in college
but the starkness of the opening guitar runs and those helicopters dropping napalm always sticks with me.


Aside from The Cars performing "Moving in Stereo" in Fast Times at Ridgemont High...what have I missed?

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