Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Thank God it's Wednesday 

The Mexican Air Force have videotaped 11 UFOs buzzing around one of their airplanes.

Video Here.

They're unidentified, so technically they are UFOs. So there.


Stryper is coming to town.
Matt Collar says he's wearing these to the show:


Looks like Jennifer Capriati will be running for Governor of California someday.

Steroids are not being used in professional tennis.


Iggy Pop and Anthony Keidis are best friends forever.




Hey, you know who used to be really good? The Holy Cows.
Brian just let me borrow two of their CDs. I'll be listening to these for the rest of my life.

Former members now available in convenient The Attic Fans, Ghost Town Deputies, and The Offramps forms.


A²IEMC² is the Ann Arbor International Electronic Music Composition Competition.

Participants are given 48 hours to compose a four minute track from the samples make available.

Hear last year's winners Here:

Dan, Rob, Lee, Uncle Dave: Get to it!


Got Soul? Superbad?


Thanks Rob
Thanks Yahoo
Thanks Brian

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