Monday, August 16, 2004

AMG BlogRoll and Beach Volleyball 

So PJ and I were watching the Olympics last night and were dazzled at how god-damned attractive every single athlete is.

Yes, even the dudes.

My concern is that in this modern age, the only people that can make it to the Olympics are those who can land big sponsorships, and the only people that can get a big sponsorship are the ones that would look good on a Wheaties Box or in a pair of Nike briefs.

Not that I'm are 191 photos of the Beach Volleyball teams:

Must get cold in Bulgaria...


Be your own online Steve Reich with Carbonated Jazz.
I have no idea what this interactive contemporary composition machine does, but I like it.


AMG Blog Roundup

The man who puts it all together: Rob Theakston.
Even when he's ranting political or talking about the electronic underground, I'm rapt with attention.

Can I just say I love Andy Kellman's Blog but I have absolutely no idea what he's talking about.
"Force Tracks, Kompakt, Label Quality Index, Shad Privat, CDR700 Go!"...It's like trying to read a David Lynch movie in Hungarian.

Chris True's Blog
Voted most likely to never be updated again.

The best ear writing today: Johnny Loftus.
Glorious Noise indeed.

I miss Joslyn Layne already...
Voted most reluctant blogger. We're interested! You are cool! Get over it!

Our Man in the New York office: Jack L.V. Isles.
Best Design, tied with George for best photos, technically not a blag.

The photographs of George Davis.
Also not a blog.

Funniest man ever to write liner notes for one of my albums: Matt Tobey
and if you think I'm kidding, turn up your speakers and click Here:

Brace yourself faithful reader: It's Mike Burger's Blog.
Tech musings, Minor league baseball reports, humorous travelogues and a map of counties Mike has been in.

Ryan Sult cares about rock in The D.

Dan Trenz loves Squarepusher.
A Lot!

Interested in Uncle Dave Lewis' sleeping habits and favorite foods?
Wonder no more.

Any others?
There's gotta be.


Hey Ryan, V2 signed Blanche.


Here are the top ten Most Ridiculous Black Metal Photos of All Time:
Ah, Gorgoroth, we hardly know ye...

Those fruits got nuthin' on Wolfbait


Here is a terrible Q&A with G.W. where he's trying to explain what the word Sovereign means.
Uh, he fails miserably, in case you were wondering.


Wilco tickets go on sale This Wednesday.


Thanks Rob
Thanks David
Thanks Dan
Thank you Lina & Petia Yanchulova of the Bulgarian Beach Volleyball Team.
Thank you very much.

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