Friday, October 01, 2004

It's Pronounced "Nu-KLEE-er"...not "New-Q-Lur" 

Aw, Look! The monkey's trying to smile!  He thinks he's People!
Geez, you think somebody woulda told him that by now...


I'm always on the sniff for potentaial hoaxery, but it looks a though there may be a serious error on the Washtenaw County Absentee Ballots.

"Now, if you look at that, notice how the arrows on the presidential candidates are not arrow is left over at the end (pointing to the "Congressional" header), and Bush's name has no arrow. It would appear that the arrows are misaligned by having been moved too far downward.

Provided that you vote for the first arrow (next to Kerry), could this potentially mean that, because the arrows seem to be moved downward, that the arrow next to Kerry's name would actually be a vote for Bush? That someone who doesn't notice this and votes for Kerry would have their vote counted for Bush/Cheney?"

Also: I just heard that it was a ballot sent to residents of Alma. So it's limited in scope.

Also also: It loks like they may be mailing out Re-Prints


Here is a site where you can find out who to contact to make sure you are registered to vote.
Don't bother with the online search. After my name didn't show up, I looked up John Smith in Ann Arbor and they said they found 606 matches and none were registered, so I think the site is screwy. The phone-number-lookup works though.


Luna at the Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI
Wednesday, November 10th, 2004 :: 9:30 PM
Hi Britta!  Hi!
Last album pretty boring vs. Britta Phillips is really cute.
Who will win?


Spaceballs II?
Why don't they just re-do some special effects and re-release the first one?


Thanks Dan
Thanks Steve
Thanks David

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