Monday, October 11, 2004

Jesus, Even My Condiments Are "Rocking The Vote" Now? 

Ladies and Gentlemen: W Ketchup

The leading competitor not only has 57 varieties, but has 57 foreign factories as well.
W Ketchup comes in one flavor: American.


"So Long Superman!"
Christopher Reeve: He's D.Y.K.


New favorite website:

Actually just a quick series of photos of Bush and Kerry with various banners and signs to remind us all of Poland.


Hey Rob, they have some Opus X cigars in stock at Maison Edwards.
limit two per customer.


Maeve and I checked out the new William Shatner/Ben Folds record today.
Has Been
Wow. Quite good! Not really too funny. Actually good!
There's one song on there recounting when he found his wife drowned in their pool which is startlingly moving.
Plus: Aimee Mann, Adrian Belew, Jon Auer, Matt Chamberlain, Hank Rollins, Joe Jackson and a song written by Nick Hornby.


God Hates Jeb Bush.
Spectacular image of the paths of the hurricanes and the counties that voted Republican in 2000.
Thanks Pop


Feelin' It!
We're way into the big black fist comin' in from the left.


How much should you be making in Ann Arbor as a Technical Producer II - Web?
What about if you were a Content Engineer II - Web?
Or an Ann Arbor-based Editorial Assistant - Web?
Sad yet? How 'bout Editor - Web?

Aw, those people probably hate their jobs. Not like us, right guys?


Everyone else should just tune out now.

I was looking all over for information on this goofy old novelty recording my Grandpa had. "The Google" had nothing under the searches I was tried.
Uncle Dave Lewis came through with the goods so I figured I'd put it on the dang old interweb so other losers could find it in the future.

There is a comedy recording from 1962, called "The Last Blast of the Blasted Bugler"10/11/2004 (also possibly called "The Legend of Gunga Din.") by Sonny Gianotta 10/11/2004
I thought it was attributed to Peter Sellers from his movie "The Party" but I guess not. 10/11/2004

The piece starts out with a "man on the scene" reporter stating that Gunga Din waits at his post and sees the enemy troops approaching. He knows that sounding his bugle "might mean certain death." 10/11/2004 "Undaunted, he raises the bugle to his lips" and sounds the alarm call, a rallying bugle cry. Soon a whole mess of shots ring out and the battlefield goes silent. Then, a belabored bugle sounds again, followed by another volley of shots. Just when the listener thinks that poor Gunga Din is dead, the bugle calls again, although fainter and definitely not doing so well: warbling and flopping like a dying fish. As can be predicted, this goes on for a little while until the bugle blurts out one last peep and falls silent. The voiceover finally says: "By the living God that made you/ You’re a better man than I am Gunga Din" 10/11/2004

Words I Looked For: Bugle 10/11/2004 Gunga Din Funny Comedy 10/11/2004 Gunshots Recording Sixties The Party 10/11/2004 Son of Gunga Din Legend of Gunga Din Ballad of Gunga Din 10/11/2004 Trumpet

Anyway, this piece is called "The Last Blast of the Blasted Bugler" 10/11/2004by Sonny Gianotta10/11/2004 if anybody is ever looking.

Available Here
and Here


Thanks David
Thanks Steve
Thanks Pop
Thanks Uncle Dave
Thanks Leighton
Thanks Aaron
Thanks Rob

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