Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Eh, whatever... 

Derek's E-mail from the bright side:

In my desperate need to find some comfort in all of this. Here are my Top 10 reasons to be happy about Bush being president for four more years.

1. Home loan rates will continue to stay low because the economy will continue to suck.
    This will help when I buy a new house in 18 months.
2. The Daily Show will remain painfully funny for four more years. That's all I've got right now.


"Diebold will Deliver Ohio to Bush" - Walden O'Dell, the CEO of Diebold Inc.

Diebold is the company that wants to get the contract to provide and program voting machines in every state for the 2004 election and O'Dell is raising money exclusively for President Bush and the Republican National Committee (RNC). O'Dell, in a fundraising letter on August 14th, committed "to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year" according to the Associated Press. In the 2002 election cycle, O'Dell gave $5,965 to the RNC while Diebold gave the RNC $95,000.


E-mail from a friend in a fit of beautiful, unfiltered, crystalline rage:

This fucking country deserves what it gets. When we invade Iran in a few months, spreading our already stretched military even further for the Bush/Cheney oil grab, it will be the fault of all those who voted for Bush.

When war is declared on us by an actual country because we are so incredibly isolationist and oblivious to the real dynamics going on the world -- not the facile and backward "good and evil" Bush likes to spew -- it will be the fault of those Republicans with their heads in the sand.

When women lose their right to an abortion because Bush and his Faith-Based Government finally jostle themselves into a supreme court nomination, and young women across the country have to turn to illegal, unsafe methods to control the outcome of their lives, it will be the fault of all the people (likely these poor young women's parents) who used thousand-year-old documents to determine what they believe and who they vote for.

When our culture becomes a brittle, Puritanical shell of itself as the gay and lesbian communities across the country migrate en masse to places where their rights are recognized, it will be the stupid voters who voted against gay marriage, even though it didn't impact them at all, who will have to live here.

I hate this fucking country, and it's gonna get what it deserves.


Hey Look! It's a Monkey!
funny monkey
He's got glasses on!


Looks like they're finally going to release the Twin Peaks Pilot on DVD, along with the semi-lousy 2nd season.
Ha! I knew if I waited long enough they'd release it...oh wait...Late 2005? Jeez M. Crow!


Dave Below says:
Wonderful audio interview with George Carlin on NPR.

Nice dialogue about his love of language, the power of language in the world, how it works into his comedy.
It's not Carlin ranting and bitching. Its an intellectual conversation.

He did make one political point I was ruminating on myself a few weeks ago;
Conservatives always want less government, and "to let the marketplace decide" when it comes to finance and economy. Get off their backs. But when its moral issues, and letting people themselves decide, suddenly they're interested in controls "when its a uterus or the libido involved."


Jason Rhodes shaved off all his hair.
Now how is Donkers supposed to call him "Hippie" and have it mean anything?


here's a picture where you can almost see Serena Williams' nipples.
one set to love
ahhh, DataWhat...It's good to be back to not caring anymore.


Thanks David
Thanks Leighton
Thanks David
Thanks Derek
Thanks Jennifer

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