Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Oh my God! Was that TODAY?!? I totally forgot to vote! 

DataWhat Psychic Hotline:

Anybody remember last week when I predicted:
I think on Wednesday, there will be some sort of major evacuation in New York City, causing the Terror Alert to be elevated to Orange.
Probably some kind of media outlet: Major newspaper, TV station, popular magazine, something like that.

I'm thinking some sort of chemical weapon scare, like Anthrax in an envelope or something like that, but I'm also getting a strong sense of "undesclosed terrorist activity" which would do the trick just as easily.
I'm partial to this idea because it would get instant media coverage, bring 9/11 instantly to mind, and do the job of scaring the American public into electing George Bush (legitimately this time).

So today on Drudge I see:
FLASH: Scare TIME/CNN building in NYC, suspicious package closes down portion 6th Avenue... Man on ground, police on top of him -- witness... Bomb squad remove large package / suitcase Tue Nov 02 2004 16:03:25 ET...
Who's psychic now? Huh? That's right.


buncha fuckin' crooks
It's almost over folks. Stay strong.


Remember Sifl & Olly? Did you like it? Wanna watch it again? sign this petition.
Oh, man...remember the Star Wars one? Christ, was that funny.


TimSen got a nice pull quote in CMJ magazine for the new Hayden album.
"It's an intimate, heartfelt, and organic record with one foot in the lo-fi camp of Beck and Will Oldham and the other in the classic rock sound of Crosby, Dylan, Petty, and Young. Especially Young."


On Thom Jurek's recommendation, we've been following DailyKos all day.
Exit polls, decent stuff, despite the fact that the guy is a Bush supporter.




Thanks Collar
Thanks Leighton

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