Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Careful folks, Lost Frog... 

Lost Frog flyer.
"I'll find my frog..."


unclear message
Only got one channel and they're makin' it clear.
They're not playin' anything I wanna hear


If you've ever thought about putting a fireworks rocket betwixt your ass cheeks and then lighting it, let these photos be a lesson to you.
I know, I know, you were planning on doing that for New Year's Eve. You don't have to thank me...


It was a hot day in Minnesota. Helga hung the wash out to dry, put a roast in the oven, then went downstairs to pick up some dry cleaning.

"Gootness, it's hot," she mused to herself as she walked down Main street.

She passed by a tavern and thought, "Vy nodt?" so she walked in and took a seat at the bar.

The bartender came up and asked her what she would like to drink.

"Ya know," Helga said, "it is so hot I tink I'll have myself zee cold beer.."

The bartender asked, "Anheuser Busch?"

Helga blushed and replied "Vell fine, tanks, und how's yer pecker?


A little cute for .:DataWhat?:. but here is a hippo and a dog singing The Tokens' "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" now's your chance.
...quite possibly from Nick Park's Aardman Studios(?).


George Bush dressed up as a Wise Man?
Oh, I get it. It's a wax figure.




Thanks Dan
Thanks Perry
Thanks Chris
Thanks Earl
Thanks Darren "Skinny" McKinney

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