Thursday, December 09, 2004

Cowboy from Hell, Actually in Hell: 

Dimebag Darrell from Pantera?
He's D.Y.K.


dig dug style
blowin' up Dig-Dug style


Gahiji Ngozi, a 22-year-old craftsman, speaks for the entire Mandinkan tribe when he says,
"Worshipping Salma Hayek's breasts has added meaning, direction and wonder to my life."
Can I get an amen?


Steve Albini extolling the virtues of Peavy amplifiers in a cheesy Italian Accent:

I like the way these Peavey company runs herself.

In these 1990s, when these live music begins to die, and these Peavey, she no make sell no many amplificatore, these Hartley Peavey, he make no reduce to the staff! He say, okay, you of the consruzzione d'amplificatore, you are no today to make amplificatora we can no sell! Today to replace roof! And you, of the hideous chitarra-bassa, you no make her today! You are to cut all of these grass on beautiful Peavey compound. So nobody to lose job! Is so cool!

I like that these produtti di Peavey they will work forever. This is so cool thing for young musician with the no even little money. So cool thing. And can wail away in these basement in Missoula, Montana or Dallas or Palatine. So cool to wail.

But is no so cool for the sound. And no so cool for money for Repubblicani.

Except, I like very much these T40 bass! I use her many times, and is cool! So heavy, like the lead metal. So cool the bridge. So ugly the logo.

Also, I no hate these Mark II, Mark III, Mark IV bass amplifier. Can be no so bad.

Also, these steel-chitarra player di Nashville, they are all to love these Peavey combo. I no like, but to them, is "the sound." Okay, okay. Maybe you know something old man, maybe you do. Me, I no like, but you can hear it and be "I love it the Peavey!" so okay.

Anything made the Peavey, if you find her today, even bury in landfill, you can plug her, and throw switch -- she will come on! She will make sound! She will sound bad, but who cares! You can wail with her! So cool!

steve albini
Electrical Audio


A little Borat Movie.
"He will crush his opponent."


Lonely whale singing his song on the high seas...
Reminds me of a book I read.


"Hey, have you seen that new VT-16?"
crossing guards
"They say it's...quite a thing to see..."


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