Thursday, December 16, 2004

It's not Danzig... 

OK, here's the thing that ground work to a halt today:
Identify 60 of these 72 album covers and win an iPod.

Boss                            Not Danzig
                                                                              Easy                                               Considerably Harder


Here's a funny Ikea ad.
Put all your stuff away in Ikea furniture, otherwise, little kids will play with it.


What people are looking for and finding .:DataWhat?:.
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Pat Metheny on Kenny G.: Go Pat Go!
Remember in Junior High when obvious nerds would try to separate themselves from other nerds by saying "Who Nathan? I'm not FRIENDS with NATHAN! He's a NERD!" when it was very clear that they are both nerds, but somehow by disassociating himself from the other nerds, Geoff would feel better about himself?



Finally! Anti-Masturbatory Gum!
Don't be a jerk. Buy some for your circle of friends!


Rolling Stone announced their People of 2004

KerPow!          KerPowPow!
Hot                                                                      Also Hot

Thanks Collar
Thanks Steve
Thanks Dan
Thanks Earl

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