Friday, December 10, 2004


Whoa... For the 2008 Summer Olympics, Beijing is going to build something called a Watercube.
Looks weird...good weird.


Trailer for the Tim Burton Willie Wonka movie.
Looks weird...good weird.


Very nice cards you can hand to people who are talking too loud on their cell phone:
Available in pdf for easy printing.


To the guy who keeps Googling "Scarlett Johansson + Headphones" and getting DataWhat:
Here are three photos for you:

There may be some more among the 8346 Scarlett Johansson pictures on this site...

There certainly aren't any at this site, but I may need to go back and check a couple times...

Oh and here's a short clip of her from A Love Song for Bobby Long...I it doesn't really matter does it?



PJ found this awesome Transformer Car commercial:
I want one...


Coulda used one of these this week.

Thanks Dadid
Thanks Earl
Thanks Rob
Thanks PJ

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