Thursday, March 31, 2005

Pockets O'F!anagan's B!eeding Ottoman!!! 

Matt Tobey's three rules of effective blog writing:

1. An exclamation point is worth a thousand words! Shakespeare knew it! Hemingway knew it! Foster Wallace knows it! Now you know it! And don't feel confined by the "rules" that say you can only use one exclamation point at a time or that you can't insert!!! them in the middle of sentences or even the mi!d!d!!le of words.

2. Fiction or unfiction, always include a character named Pockets O'Flanagan. If you really want to stab your reader in the mind with a knife of brilliance, have two or three or eleven Pockets O'Flanagans. The amount of Pockets O'Flanagans is up to you, so long as it's a prime number; 36 Pockets O'Flanagans is just fucking hacky.

3. When in doubt, threaten your reader's furniture. This is perhaps the most important lesson I ever learned about writing, and it was taught to me by my mentor, Rev. Dr. Pockets O'Flanagan. So you tell that rat-bastard loveseat of yours to watch its back. I swear on the grave of my mother, Pockets O'Flanagan, that I will not rest until I have my veng!!ean!!!ce against that little wannabe sofa.


Just read a book called Eyeing the Flash, carnies and what-not...
I liked it keen, especially because we found this review:

Not a book for the true carnie, January 28, 2005
I was intrigued by the title of this book and had heard good things about it. However, being a true carnival worker myself, the life depicted in the book is not even close to the life of a real carnival con artist. For 12 years I have worked at the guess your weight booth at a traveling carnival. Let me tell you it is no easy life, nor is it glamorous and sexy as this book would have you believe. Also, people eat really fatty foods when they come to the carnival and that makes my job so very difficult. You may enjoy this book, but if you have friends who are real carnies, tell them they are better off spending their money at their own carnival and winning a goldfish that will die within a week. That will be more exciting than this book. Then again, since I don't read very well, I did have someone read it out loud to me so I hope they were really reading what was on the page and not making things up as they went along.


Pretty impressive panel-to-shot comparison between the Sin City comic and movie.
Warning: You may see Carla Gugino's boobs. No, no need to thank me...


New Strongbad E-mail.
Maybe parachute, maybe clown care. Plus: Homestarrunner in Daisy Dukes.


I don't know why this technology exists, but I'm glad it does. Go to and type in any words... Like maybe All Music Guide ...and you will see some pretty cool data at work.
Top Searches here if you can't think of one goddamned word to try.


Wow, this totally could be my cat.


Thanks Dadid
Thanks Matt
Thanks Horkulated

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