Thursday, April 28, 2005


I was talking to somebody on the South Side of the building about a program that had stopped running correctly, and when he looked at it he said he was surprised that it ever ran at all because the way it was coded, it should had never worked in the first place.

Buddy, this site's for you. Pretty dork-specific, but basically it gives daily examples of horrible, redundant, and contradictory code.

Example of a typical comment:

My favorite part is the fact that he's doing a do loop instead of a
while so he has to check for an empty list inside (why he didn't just
check it before entering the loop is another WTF). If he just
changed that around to:

while (!IsListEmpty(List))

then he wouldn't need

if (discoveredEntry)
goto DoNextListItem;

Of course the real WTF here is the goto since all it serves to do is jump him past his own ASSERT!

OK, I know at least three of you think that is funny.


"Have you seen this Moshing Girl?"


Rockabilly wildman/certified lunatic Hasil Adkins? He's D.Y.K.
He will eat no more hot dogs.


Q: What's the difference between Neil Armstrong and Michael Jackson?
A: Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon and Michael Jackson molests little boys.


Wal-Mart Offers Customized CDs

Wal-Mart has introduced an online custom CD burning service that allows customers to buy tracks without downloading them to a computer.

Users select and buy the tracks they want, which Wal-Mart will then burn to a personalized CD. The service charges $4.62 for the first three songs, and 88 cents for each additional song, plus $1.97 for shipping. Based on those fees, a 14-track CD would cost $16.27.

The new service is positioned for consumers who do not have CD burners or broadband Internet access, but who still want to take advantage of the flexibility that digital music provides.

Awesome! There are some Harry Nilsson records and an old Varnaline EP I wanna get! Oh, what's that? You guys only have the rights to the Universal catalog and Karaoke tracks from Sybersound? Uh...never mind...

Also, now apparently you can get married at Wal-Mart.
Sorry, white trash only.


Two Star Wars-related items:

A truly spectacular re-imagining of The Last Supper with Jedis and scoundrels.
One criticism: No blue milk.

And if anybody's sitting on $40,000, they could buy me this full-sized X-Wing on eBay.
"Because of a truck wreck several years ago, only 8 of these ships still exist."
Duh. That's why I need this one.


Cute one for the ladies: This Polar Bear is soooooooo cuuuuuuute.
Awww...lookit' im.

Cute one for the fellers: This Scarlett Johansson is soooooooo cuuuuuuute.
Awww...lookit' em.


DataWhat Headquarters
Gotta go, I gotta get over to Wal Mart and burn some CDs.


Thanks David
Thanks Steve
Thanks Box
Thanks Entensity

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