Saturday, May 21, 2005

ok, I was wrong... 

there are still funny things on the internet


Police in Germany are hunting pranksters who have been sticking miniature flag portraits of US President George W. Bush into piles of dog poo in public parks.

Josef Oettl, parks administrator for Bayreuth,said: "This has been going on for about a year now, and there must be 2,000 to 3,000 piles of excrement that have been claimed during that time."

The best part is that although the cops are actively looking for the culprit(s): "frankly, we don't know what we would do if we caught them red handed."


NPR just played this interesting article about Music Data company Savage Beast regarding their Music Discovery product and their Music Genome Project.

They played "Helplessly Hoping" by CSN and likened it to a Rogue Wave song, and I'll be damned if they didn't match it almost dead-on.

Similarly, they played Counting Crows' "A Long December" (sound sample) and linked it to a Ben Arthur song called "Tonight" (sound sample) ...both were piano-driven, meandering and soulful, but clearly sung by white guys who had been involved with Courtney Cox.

I was impressed.

I guess they profile each song on 400 different parameters...tempo, instruments, styles, vocal qualities, and sounds...I dunno what-all else. So I guess you can start with one song and "explore" that song, bringing up other songs with that same style and feel. Man, I wish Dan and I had though of that six months ago!

Savage Beast will make this product available to the public in upcoming months, and I imagine it will be pretty successful.

Man, this is a good idea. I wish Dan and I had though of that six months ago!


Enough serious information, here are purses crochted to look like vaginas.
Site safe for work if you work in a gynocologist's office.


Funny photos of fat/incompetent Star Wars dorks with lousy costumes? yes please.
bantha breath
Tusken Odor


Two fun things:

The Sci-Fi Channel has picked up Firefly for syndication.
Starting in July.

That shitty Chi-Chis on State Road right by I-94 is going to be turned into a BW3's.
That's right around the corner! Trivia and those cheesy potato wedges on lunch? Yes please.


Here's that funny little video of the tire that Perry sent me a couple days ago.
Pretty funny. Worth watching. I would even say Tire-riffic!


Google now has a personalizable home page where you can view your gMail inbox, news, and weather at a glance.
Much less cluttered than My Yahoo's page.

Speaking of gMail, Jesus is my spam folder getting hit. image here.
60 of 'em just this morning, and they're all in this weird foreign character set...


instilling my faith, every day.


Thanks Jennifer
Thanks Rob
Thanks PJ
Thanks Kris
Thanks Thighmaster
Thanks Justin

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