Thursday, July 14, 2005

"This quartet is a summation of a good old American rock ’n’ roll songbook,
        only loud as fuck." 

While Briansleeper and Dereksleeper reviewing records is hilarious and entertaining, it may have seriously jeopardized any hope we have of ever playing a show with Rodney Crowell or the Ying Yang Twins.

(everyone's a critic)


Attention dorks and fans of quality sci-fi (not the same thing, let me assure you): Firefly starts on the Sci-Fi channel next Friday, and Battlestar Galactica Season 2 starts tomorrow.
Seriously folks, if you trust my judgement in what is quality entertainment, you will check this show out.

Double-dorky news: the Dark Horse Serenity Comic books hit stores yesterday.
They sold out at Vault of Midnight in one day, so you should probably pick 'em up as soon as you can.


If you are planning on being sent to prison, maybe you should generate your own prison bitch name ahead of time.
Sincerely, Golden Shower Whore.


So this woman in Myanmar (you may know it as Burma) lost her breasts and grew a penis.
My favorite thing is that a guy from work (who is a cool guy but I've never said more than "Hey" to) sent me an e-mail saying: "hey, i found an interesting article about a woman who grew a penis, thought you might find it interesting."

RyaDol, for a guy who has never sat down with me over beers and had a heart-to-heart, Kudos, you know me better that I thought, and I'm glad to know that when you have a 'woman-growing-a-penis' story, you know right where to come.




Let's take a visit to the vending machines with Dave Below, shall we?

"Seriously, so I'm perusing the vending machine at work, looking for a snack, and notice a rather dangerous looking pastry with neon yellow frosting dripped on it.

It was called a 'Butterhorn Swirl'

I think that one comes after the Dirty Sanchez , but before the Mongolian Handwash and Donkey Punch."



Those wacky kids at Something Awful have done a set of images from movies with rock instruments and Kiss makeup photoshopped in.

Mike Patton
quite entertaining


Thanks David
Thanks Vert
Thanks Miss Mapping
Thanks 'Squiz
Thanks Ryan

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