Sunday, September 11, 2005


iTunes trauma update:

1. "Hey! The sound totally shut off on my computer after I installed iTunes 5.0!
I contacted the folks on the Apple disussions boards and they said "Yeah, yeah the Quicktime install will do that sometimes. You should re-install your audio driver. And probably your video driver. And try uninstalling then reinstalling Quicktime."

Thanks guys. I appreciate your assistance. I don't appreciate that "Quicktime will do that sometimes." That sounds to me like you rolled out the new product knowing that it could screw up a bunch of people's systems.

So I did all of those things, then un-installed and re-installed my sound card, and finally it worked.
I finally have sound back on my laptop.

2. "Hey, why are all my precious comments now showing up as 0000026F 000002D0 00001401 00001832 0001ADF5 0001FC15 000059C9?

Poking around, teh innernets thinks that if you use SoundCheck to moderate volume between songs in your iTunes, it throws these hex codes into Comments.

It does a super quick analysis of the track's volume and then remembers "Ah, this song should be -1.3 db lower than the standard" so it remembers that info and stores it conveniently in the comments field.

More info/speculation Here


Looking at this older ID3 tag you can see the space where this data is says "iTunNORM" and then the string of hex numbers.

Did iTunes SoundCheck used to drop into an "iTunNORM" field but now drops into Comments?
Or does iTunes 5.0 look in the wrong place in the ID3 tag for the "Comments" information?
The old info is still in the ID3 tag, so in theory, if Apple corrects how their new version pulls comments into their application, it would correct this bug.

So now the question is...Do I go back and try to resurrect the comments that used to be in there?
Or do I just hope that enough other people complain about this and hope that Apple fixes this bug?

C'mon pals, that comments field gets lonely and if you dudes think that I should just buck up and re-code all that shit, I oughtta get started.


Quiz: Who Is The Most Retarded-Looking
Barenaked Ladies Member on This Album Cover?


It's best to imagine the sounds each of them were making as this photographic wonderwork was snapped for the ages. Especially hatboy and goatee in the back there, goatee is all loud, monotone "AAAAAAAAAAA" and the hat is doing a nasally "nyeeeehhhhh" sound, while the two nerdlinger dudes in the bottom left are probably making back-of-the-throat gurgly noises, and the fat guy from N*Sync on the right is like "yeah boy" in a chipmunk voice.

in order of most retarded to least:
1. hat
2. dreadlocks
3. fatbeard badshave
4. lowerleft corner
5. other guy

another opinion:

1. Fatbeard Badshave
2. Twat o'Shanter
3. Son of Newman
4. Lower Left Corner
5. Un-natty Dread

Other hilarious thoughts like the ones I stole Here


Scottish Arts Council's Old Logo vs. Quark's "New" Logo

Great Scot!
Seems like Quark coulda done a little research...


Time waster 2005: This site from AT&T allows you to type in any text and it speaks it for you.
Let the dirty words with funny pronunciation begin.


Some one in New Orleans is not all that pleased with Dick Cheney. During this live TV interview, some dude in the background starts shouting "Go fuck yourself Mr. Cheney!"
The voice of an entire nation.


Hey! How 'bout us!


Our little record was the Number 3 best seller on Miles of Music last week.


New Spam Tactic:

"Ci-iallis Sof-tabs" is better than Pfizer V-iiaggrra Nigga!

- Guarantes 36 hours lasting
- Safe to take, no side effectts at all
- Boost and increase se-xual perfoormance
- Haarder e-rectiiions and quick recharge g-et hardd n-igga!
- Proven and c-ertified by e-xperts and d-octors
- only $1.98 per tabs
- Special offeer! These prices
- are valid u-ntil 20th of September !

Good terrible joke: A guy on Cialis told his doctor that if he had the four-hour erection going, he was gonna see Alice, and also see Debbie, see Mary Ann, see Marilyn, see Charlene, etc., etc.



Some Spectacular Photos:

This guy found these photos of WWII dogfights and bombing runs photographed from the air tucked inside a book that was for sale at a public library. Someone donated this book for the library to raise funds.
I'm sure they didn't realize the photos were hidden within.

Also: A whole bunch of photos of the streets of New Orleans taken Before, During, and After Katrina.
My favorite: (third row down, ninth one over) shows a piece of metal that was picked up by the wind and stabbed itself into the concrete of the Superdome.


That's not breaking news. We've known that for a while now.


Thanks Derek
Thanks Rob
Thanks Lee
Thanks Goody
Thanks K

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