Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Pink Anderson/Floyd Council 

Google Labs comes out with another Beta: Google Blog Search.
Not super useful since there are so many junk blogs out there like and the ilk. I searched for Porchsleeper and it's amazing how many blogbots are out there just recycling online newspapers like all of these.

OK, I have to admit that Your nose articles is a pretty funny auto-blog:

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Another online data accumulator: LibraryThing: "Like Flickr for your Books!"
I also have no idea what use this would be for anybody, but could end up being a pretty cool database of profiled books. AMGLibrary anyone?


Alls I know is I'd rather be the guy whose name starts with "P" than the guy whose name starts with "C"...

I am reminded of the Itchy and Scratchy replacement cartoon from the Soviet Union
called "Worker and Parasite" that Krusty showed during the Gabbo episode.

I was actually having a serious conversation with Gerard the other day when I was reminded of Moe saying
"And I was a lot happer before I knew Dame Edna was a man...a LOT happier"
...I feel as though for the rest of my life, I will just have these flickers of Simpsons quotes that flit about my head like the tiny ravens
that danced around Homer's head, chanting, "Nevermore, Nevermore" in episode 7F04.


Footage of cops looting a WalMart in New Orleans.
The interviewer asks them what they are doing and they say "We're looking for looters" while their cart is full of shoes.
It's a sad story, but I laughed through the pain.


Pretty fun/aggravating site: Band Name Origins revealed!
Looking at something like Pink Floyd's entry proves to me that AMG should never ever take user submits. All of the people that are sending in misinformation are so sure of themselves, but are often totally wrong:

"It is really a double meaning. The official reason was that both "Pink" and "Floyd" were part of the names of 2 of their record producers, but one part of the reason at that they chose this, is because when someone is very high on marijuana, their eyes become bloodshot and everything looks pink, which Im sure they have had plenty of experience with."

The other interesting thing is that people continue to send in duplicate information over and over again. "I know that the correct information is in there already, but I'll send in the exact same thing." Everybody's stupid.




It's a dataproc thing, you wouldn't understand.


Thanks Metafilter
Thanks Thighmaster
Thanks Lee

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