Friday, January 20, 2006


Let me just say that Muzak has a pretty whip-ass office:

Exterior Audio Architecture

Lee and I got done with our meetings today and the last question we asked was "Where can you get some good pork bar-b-que around here?" (we are in Charlote North Carolina), so we ended up going to Mac's, an old converted garage that catered to a biker crowd. I had a "Lil' Pig" pulled pork sandwich with cole slaw already on it, and a side of baked beans flavored with sausage. Needless to say, this flight should be a lot of fun for the people around me.

Anyway, Lee and I were a little nervous about trying to get into this lunch before we had to be at the airport, so Steven said "We need a funnel to get that BBQ into our mouths faster" at which point we came up with the phrase "Pork Battering Ram" which had us in (borderline terrifying) post-meeting hysterics for about eleven minutes.

P.S. I highly recommend listening to The Fluoride Program's new album "Roadside Flowers" in an airport. It is somehow appropriately anticipatory and world-weary. There is no need. To be afraid.

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