Monday, April 24, 2006

Knitta, PLEASE 

The folks at Knitta Please knit little cozies for everyday objects.

can't handle the cold

like door handles

Also check out the Crew page.
With nicknames like The Knotorious N.I.T. and LoopDogg,
you can tell these folks know how to party.


Terrific terrific Wes Anderson American Express commercial wherein he explains how to make a movie.
"Are those my birds? I need those..."


This preacher swears.
"I come in the name of Jesus, repeat after me, bitch."

This preacher farts.
"This is the gate of Heaven" poot.


DataWhat Recommended: Seagate 160GB external hard drive for 70 bucks at Circuit City (after $60 in rebates).
Only valid through the 29th of April.


Charming spam I got:

From: "daveantrim88"
To: datawhat
Subject: Your wife prefers your dog’s penis to yours?
@lw@ys wanted to be like a superman: good-looking, courageous, fearless with a huge and strong penis.
Viagra Soft Tabs can help you with the last issue at least.
Need an extra boost for extra sensitive sexual experiences? Viagra Soft Tabs!


Hmmm...I'm going to take music advice from AOL & Blender...although I do agree with their #1 worst thing wrong with music.
Sucks getting old.


UX is an online magazine about design and the user experience. Very pretty design.
Web 2.16458 anyone?


Scholarly law paper regarding the "F" word now available online.
For you perverts out there.


Some nice entries in Worth1000's who would you like to see on a postage stamp contest:


Although the guy who made the "King of Queens" stamp set needs a new hobby.


Thanks Dan
Thanks Exquisite Dead Guy
Thanks Gerard
Thanks David
Thanks BrianSleeper
Thanks BoingBoing

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