Sunday, July 30, 2006

In fact, he acts a lot like Jar Jar Binks... 

According to Barry Williams' autobiography, in this Brady Bunch scene
where the station wagon pulls up with the canoe on top,
Greg is as high as a kite.

Uh...Hey a Boat!

Zip ahead to about the 1:45 oh man, that's the funny.

Things to watch for:

1. Greg drops the bike pump and then trips over it, giving a shaggy wave at the same time.
2. The line "Uhhh...Hey, you didn't say anything about getting a boat" starts with "Uhhhh..."
3. The totally cotton-mouthy way he says "Far out."
4. The fact that when Cindy comes in from off scene, it takes him a minute to register what that noise is, then he totally looks the wrong way...almost like Jar Jar Binks.
5. When Cindy comes up and is standing right in front of him, he stares at her like she is a visitor from planet Krypton or something.


Two great threads on this site:

Pimp my Elfwood takes goofy pencil drawings of elves and fairies and warriors from a fantasy website, and the obviously talented (and obviously jerky) people on this board transform them into really compelling works of art.
Like what may start out as a juvenile sketch done in homeroom transforms into a really in-depth oil painting.

Superman Redesign gives these guys a chance to re-imagine Superman in all different contexts.
Some heroic, some hilarious.


Two hilarious Star Wars PSAs from 1979: R2-D2 takes a smoke break and Too much blue milk at the Cantina...
Even in galaxies far far away, friends don't let friends drive drunk.


Separated at Birth Album Art:


Bob Dylan’s Modern Times and Luna’s Hedgehog/23 Minutes into Brussels 7” single

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