Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Before YouTube, what was there to talk about? 

'Member that guy who took a red paper clip and traded it for a fish pen and then a boat and then being mayor of a town and finally a house? Well Matt Tobey has an iPod that he's willing to trade for something cool, in the hopes that someday he will own a multi-billion dollar corporation.

If you have something you think is worth anything and you could use an iPod, let Matt know.


Child is the father of the man

Geez, when did Brian Wilson get so freakishly huge?
Or is strangling Al Jardine the only way to make him smaller?


So what was moderately cool is this video where Noah takes a photo of himself everyday for 6 years with some George Winston playing in the background, but I very much like this video of Phil takes a photo of himself everyday for 2 days, but by far my favorite is this hillbilly cartoon character ripping on Noah for taking a picture of himself every day for 6 years.
Jesus, the floppy-lipped way the guy talks makes me laugh...dunno why.


Viral clip of a viral clip: Two figure skaters re-enacting that OK GO video.
(the boring backyard one, not the awesome treadmill one).


I'll take two!

Buncha kooky old ads, many of them for cigarettes and avoiding "smoker's fag" whatever that means.


Japanese '70s Spider Man Overload from Gerard

Japanese live action Spider Man

end credits

Spiderman sneaks up on the duckmen:

Spiderman trying to steal the Lindbergh baby, gets a nasty surprise:

Spidey getting his ass handed to him by a little girl with a slingshot:

Of course, if you want to protect your secret identity, this would be the way to go about it:

I kind of wish the show started with the opening credits, had this clip, and then the ending credits. That would have fucked up my 5 year old mind forever...

And to round out the spiderman getting shot over and over again with arrows episode: Bang and Zoom.

And last, and a must-see, Spiderman (in japanese) with Spanish subtitles!


Borat sings a song about throwing Jews down the well in a redneck bar, and they really, really get into it.
There's a guy in a Superman shirt and a cowboy hat whose parents must be related.


This clip entitled "Drunk Friend Alarm Clock" features a guy passed out in a lawn chair and his bro ties a string of firecrackers to his foot.
With friends like these, who needs white trash?



Esquire's Sexiest Woman of '06?
Could be anybody I guess...


Thanks Gerard
Thanks Matt
Thanks Goody
Thanks Mark
Thanks Dan
Thanks David

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