Friday, December 08, 2006

Santa, Heroin, and the Time a Man Kissed Me 

A DataWhat Classic:

A brilliant photo collection of Kids who are terrified of Santa
fuggin' lil kids...HEY! where's my bourbon?
uh...I'm an adult and I'm scared of that Santa...


David Below (who is probably the world's biggest advocate of real music and exposing the bullshit for what it really is) sent me this little video of Steve Poltz sitting down and barfing out an impromptu insipid pop tune about "come on over, my mom is not at home" to which they put a bikini model in a recording studio, Pro-Tools/Auto-Tuned the hell out of her (admittedly awful) vocals and created an MTV-ready pop tune out of it, complete with American Apparel-esque video.

Oh, and Steve Poltz?
The guy with the acoustic guitar?

He kissed me once.

He was in a band called The Rugburns and they did an in-store performance at Tower Records in East Lansing. I worked there in '95-'97, was in charge of all of the "Local Music" and did all of the in-stores and that kinda thing.

I was introducing the band in front of 30-50 people and as I was stammering and goofing my way through "Let's give a big East Lansing welcome to..." Steve Poltz came over and kissed me. Hard. Like he meant it...

Granted it was only on the cheek, but there were some real sparks there.

He also co-wrote "You Were Meant For Me" recorded by Jewel (back when he and Jewel were banging each other) and appeared in the video viewable here:

Anyhoo: The above clip seems to be from a movie called Before The Music Dies which might be interesting.


This original test pressing of a Velvet Underground record was purchased for 75 cents back in 2002, and is now up for sale on eBay. Check out the price it's going for now.
I'd be interested in hearing that alternate version of "Heroin."


So her's an awkward situation: This guy finds out that long ago while his parents were seperated his Father knocked up some lady and they had a daughter, so this guy has a half-sister. Well, as it turns out, they meet at Thanksgiving and the guy recognizes his half-sister as a porn star. How exactly do you broach that conversation?
P.S. The Internet is no help in this situation. Witness the brutal-larious comments: (nsfw)


Firefly Fans Rejoice! Apparently the Firefly universe is going to be available as an online game.
I won't play it 'cause I can't be arsed, but it's nice to know the Browncoats are still fighting the nerdy fight.


The newest contributor to DataWhat comes in with a whopper: This game called Yes I Am Working cleverly/virally marketed by Office Depot (side note: Ha! It is actually from Office Max...shows how good this brand extension is working) which looks like an Excel Spreadsheet is actually a game of Super Breakout.
The fact that it even sounds like you're typing is brilliant. "No Boss, I'm working! Can't you hear my typing and see that I have an Excel Worksheet open???"



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