Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hey, what's that? 

Where the gold at?

Questions I have:

1. What is the guy holding the bong reading? Instructions? A manual? A note?

2. What is in all of those boxes? Did they just move in? Or is this a business?

3. When were they painting using that gallon of house paint? Recently? Or a long time ago?

4. Why does he have those jacked-up pants with the weird Juan Gris patches?

5. What does that plug hook up to? An overhead light? Christmas lights?

6. Why are there only two velour chairs with that dining room set? Are there two more in another part of the house? Is the photographer sitting on one of them?

7. What's with the African motif on the walls? Is this in Africa? Is this guy a 419 scammer?

8. What's on his hat? Is it a whale cresting out of the water? Like on those life insurance commercials?

9. What else is on the table? It looks like a manuscript, a roll of thin copper wire and a ceramic dinosaur or a row of Testor's model paints?

10. What's in his pocket? He's got a chain hooked to something...is it a wallet or a pocket watch?

11. And hey...what the fuck is up with that crazy dwarf wearing aqua socks? Is he waiting for the guy to fire it up? Did he bring the weed like some Jamaican Lucky Charms leprechaun? Are those Hypercolor shorts that he's wearing?

Please let me know.

I won't sleep until I hear back from you on this topic.

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