Friday, April 30, 2004


aw hell no, what's up, dog?

New Beastie Boys video in my exchange folder (for those in-house)
Everybody else: Here

Bring a sandwich, it takes a while.


The Visual Thesaurus is a nice bit of scripting...


This guy works hard all day...he never even takes a break.


New Ann Arbor band I like: The Clarified Butter.

Great guitar tone, solid playing, and their drummer plays like Elvin Jones and looks like Viggo Mortensen.


So I'm at the bar last night, and this guy who's in his late 40s with literally the most spectacular mullet-helmet I've ever seen (it was like if you told a seven-year-old to draw what he thinks a mullet should look like...that's what he would come up with) spins his glassy eyes up to me and says "You're a Canuck, right?"

So I said "No, I'm local" and then he stares at me for a second and slurs "Why are you disrespecting me? I asked you a question."

And then I told him "I answered it" and walked away.

What the hell was that all aboot?

That's why I call him a Doosh

Thanks Lee
Thanks Jennifer
Thanks Dadid

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